Volkl V-Cell 2

Grip Size: L0 (4 0/8)
Sale price$329.95


Introducing the V-Cell 2! Like the V-Feel model it replaces, this racquet is light and forgiving enough for beginners, but it should also work for the senior doubles player looking to regain a lost step. Thanks to a luxurious 115 square inch head, you'll find a forgiving contact zone where performance remains high even when contact is less than perfect. The V-Cell 2 also packs an extended 27.6 length, giving you access to higher levels of pace and spin on groundless and serves. For this update, Volk adds extra V-Cell material (a cellulose based carbon) to the shaft and head for a more comfortable, stable and responsive hitting experience.

Like the previous generation, this racquet's butt cap and innovative REVA based handle system have been meticulously designed to deliver a smoother, more arm-friendly feel at impact. From the baseline the V-Feel 2 offers impressive comfort and easy depth. Players who swing this stick fast will be rewarded with genuine knock-out power, and there ismore than enough spin potential to bring the ball down effectively. At net the V-Cell 2 feels stable against pace, and it rewards simple blocks with penetrating depth. The V-Cell 2 also shines on serve where the extended length will give you a nice boost in power.With some incremental tweaks to the feel, the V-Cell 2 is an obvious choice for any player who wants to supercharge their singles or doubles game.

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