Volkl Team Speed

Grip Size: L2 (4 1/4)
Sale price$169.95


Volkl Tennis' entry-level performance racquet is the Team Speed. It comes pre-strung with 16g of Classic Synthetic Gut. The Vibration Control handle system is included with the Team Speed. It weighs 265g / 9.4oz, has a 660cm2 / 102in2 head, a 25mm beam with a length of 68.5cm / 27in, and a head light balance of 32.5cm / 0.7in. It has a string pattern of 16x19.

The Team Speed may be the most comfortable "entry-level" racquet on the market. The open string pattern allows for a lot of spin, and the light weight makes the Team Speed very maneuverable, giving players confidence to hit their shots. The Team Speed has been designed to provide consistent performance across the board.

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