Volkl C10 Pro

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Grip Size: L1 (4 1/8)
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A renowned thin beam player's frame is the C10 Pro. It provides players with everything they need: flawlessly balanced performance, a smooth flex, and the assurance that shots will land just where they are intended.

The Twin Absorber handle design on the C10 Pro provides excellent feel and the ideal amount of damping. It features a head area of 630cm2 (98in2), a 19mm beam with a length of 68.5cm (27in), and a head light balance of 31cm (1.3in). It weighs 330g (11.6oz). It has a string pattern of 16x19.

In the hands of skilled players searching for classically weighted racquets, the C10 Pro's head light balance and total weight make it incredibly agile. The open string pattern has a lot of possibilities for spin.

Players that use these types of racquets anticipate a stable racquet that can reduce an opponent's force and transform defensive shots into offensive returns, and the C10 Pro expertly delivers that. The C10 Pro is a "Pro Stock" frame in off-the-shelf form thanks to its rock-solid volleys, knife-like slice, and strong topspin.


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