V-Feel V1 OS

grip-size: Grip Size #2 (4 1/4)
Sale price$299.95


Introducing the V-Feel V1 OS, is a speedy oversize racquet with a small learning curve. Furthermore, this arm-friendly racquet comes with an extended length, which translates into bigger power on groundstrokes and serves. As a result, you'll find it easier to put pressure on your opponent. At just under 11 ounces strung, the V1 OS is well-suited to beginner and intermediate players. Furthermore, it should also appeal to the savvy doubles specialist looking for a light and powerful option.

New to this model is V-Feel Technology, which is anchored by a substance called VCell, a light and strong cellulose material added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Moreover, other V-Feel technologies include updates to both the butt cap and VSENSOR handle, which has been reinforced with a material technology called REVA for greater shock absorption. Also, from the baseline this racquet's large head delivers a stable and comfortable feel at impact. It also comes with a nice margin of error, making it easier for you to achieve clean and effective contact with the ball. Medium length strokes deliver easy depth, with big power available on full swings.

Thanks to the grippy 16x19 string pattern, you'll find the needed bite to harness the power and bring the ball down with spin. At net the V1 OS provides a generous hitting surface for blocking the ball back. The extended length is a blessing on serves where you will find easier net clearance and massive power. Therefore, the V-Feel V1 OS is a great choice for many players.

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