V-Feel V1 Pro

Grip-size: Grip Size #1 (4 1/8)
Sale price$269.99


Introducing the fourth generation of the Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro. Like previous versions of the V1 Pro, this update is defined by its great feel and easy targeting. This racquet moves faster than a traditional player's racquet, while also offering decent stability for its weight class. Also, this version of the V1 Pro packs a slightly higher swing weight, making it a tad easier to redirect pace or penetrate the court.

The signature technology is called V-Feel, which is anchored by a substance called VCell. As such, it is a light and strong cellulose material added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Moreover, Volkl has also updated the butt cap with a more advanced dampening compound. It also uses a VSENSOR handle with a material called REVA for greater shock absorption. Furthermore, on groundstrokes, the V1 Pro feels comfortable, solid and slightly muted at impact. Full swings feel precise and predictable, and there is enough spin-potential to bring the ball down effectively.

The light 11.3 ounce weight combines with the solid 323 swing weight to help players easily generate pace and depth. At net, the V1 Pro comes around fast to deliver good touch. It also has enough pop to close out points. Aggressive servers will find the needed precision and spin to paint the corners with pace. Ultimately, the V1 Pro continues to be a solid option for experienced players who want a light player's racquet with great feel.

So take it for a try this season and blast your opponents out of the court with the new V-Feel V1 Pro.

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