V-Feel V1 MP

Grip-size: Grip Size #3 (4 3/8)
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Volkl adds another chapter to the iconic V-Feel V1 MP! Like the previous generation, this update is defined by its easy acceleration, controllable power and great feel. Moreover, the V-Feel V1 MP is light enough for the beginner who wants a great tool for mastering stroke fundamentals. The 102in² head size makes it more forgiving than a typical modern player's racquet while also being precise enough for attacking the ball.

The signature technology is called V-Feel, which is anchored by a substance called V Cell. As such, this light and strong cellulose material is added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Volkl has also updated the butt cap with a more advanced dampening compound. They also added the VSENSOR handle with a material called REVA for greater shock absorption. The V1 MP feels fast, crisp and accurate especially for baseline players.

Improving players will find it great for scrambling on defense or executing shots on the run. Also, the grippy 16x19 string bed supplies the needed bite for bringing the ball down with spin. At net, the 102in² head provides a comfortable and solid platform for blocking the ball back, and the maneuverability will help you react quickly when the pressure is on. There's also more than enough precision and spin for aggressive targeting on serves. Ultimately, with this update to the V1 MP, Volkl keeps a good thing going.

The V-Feel V1 MP is simply a great option for the intermediate player who wants a light and comfortable racquet with easy targeting and a small learning curve. Enjoy the season with the V-Feel V1 MP. It will make you a better player and make you feel proud to play with a Volkl racquet.

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