grip: Grip Size #1 (4 1/8)
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With the V-Feel 5, Volkl delivers speed, spin and precision to the improving player. This racquet is a great option for rising beginners and early intermediates. Furthermore, the V-Feel 5 should also work for the junior player who is ready for an adult performance frame. Like its predecessor, the V-Sense 5, this spin-friendly racquet delivers great control on full swings.

As a result, you'll enjoy more confidence when attacking the ball. Like other V-Feel models, this racquet features V-Feel Technology, which is anchored by a substance called VCell, a light and strong cellulose material added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Other V-Feel technologies include updates to both the butt cap and VSENSOR handle, which benefits from an uniquely flexible material called REVA for greater shock absorption. On groundstrokes, the V-Feel 5 is fast and accurate, making it ideal for the developing player who wants to start playing more aggressive tennis.

In addition to its crisp and accurate feel, pace comes easy thanks to how quickly this stick accelerates through contact. The open 16x18 string pattern not only provides a higher trajectory for easier net clearance, it supplies the needed bite for loading the ball with spin. At net the V-Feel 5 comes around extremely fast, making it great on reaction volleys. The speedy feel also helps on service returns where this racquet comes around fast to deliver very easy targeting. With this impressive update, Volkl keeps a good thing going. Improving players looking for maneuverability, accuracy and spin should give this stick a serious look. Crush your opponents this season with this racquet.

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