V-Feel 10 320

grip: Grip Size #3 (4 3/8)
Sale price$249.99


The V-Feel 10 320 updates the V-Sense 10 (325g) with some incremental tweaks to the weight and feel. However, it keeps the raw precision and easy spin of the previous generation. At nearly 12 ounces strung, this stick packs decent mass (think stability). However, it also feels fast for the weight and offers great control on full swings. As such, power is there when needed, and the open pattern supplies more than enough grip to get the ball dropping hard.

This racquet features V-Feel Technology, which is anchored by a substance called VCell. This tech is a light and strong cellulose material added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Other V-Feel technologies include updates to both the butt cap and VSENSOR handle. As such, they have been reinforced with a material technology called REVA for greater shock absorption. From the baseline, this stick feels comfortably crisp and very accurate on full swings. It also packs more stability than the 300 gram version, making it better at absorbing and redirecting pace. Experienced players will find more than enough zip to swing for power and spin.

On serve, this racquet has enough control and spin for working the ball into tight spaces, and there's decent pop available on big swings. Ultimately, like past generations of this racquet, the V-Feel 10 320 is a great option for the aggressive ball striker who wants a trusty weapon for when the stroke speed goes up and the set score tightens. So take this great racquet for a spin this season and crush you opponents with it.

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