V-Feel 10 300

grip: Grip Size #2 (4 1/4)
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Volkl updates the V-Sense 10 295g with some new technologies and a slightly heavier weight. Named the V-Feel 10 300, this racquet is perfect for the intermediate player who wants a light player's racquet with a nice blend of control, spin and feel. It should also work for the advanced player who favors speed over outright stability.

Like the other V-Feel models, this racquet features V-Feel Technology, which is anchored by a substance called VCell, a light and strong cellulose material added to the layup for improved feel and responsiveness. Other V-Feel technologies include updates to both the butt cap and VSENSOR handle, which has been reinforced with a material technology called REVA for greater shock absorption. From the baseline, this racquet's thin 20-21mm beam and compact 98in² head provide excellent control on full swings, and the light weight should enable a wide cross section of players to swing big and load the ball with spin.

The firm 69 flex gives this stick a more lively and crisp response than its predecessor. Although Volkl has added 5 grams to the weight, the V-Feel 10 (300g) still packs a speedy swing weight, making it great for scrambling on defense or cranking winners on the run. At net, this stick plays great on reaction volleys, and the touch on droppers is spot-on. This racquet is also user-friendly on service returns where it comes around fast to deliver easy targeting on full swings. With some incremental tweaks to the feel, the V-Feel 10 300 is an obvious choice for those who want the precision of a player's racquet minus the heavy weight. 

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