Grip-size: Grip Size #1 (4 1/8)
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Updated with a new cosmetic, the C10 Pro has the kind of control and feel that never gets old. In addition to its impressive plow-through and surgical precision, this stick packs a thin 20mm beam and 63RA flex, giving it better ball feedback than you'll get from a stiffer, more modern player's racquet. At 12.3 ounces strung and boasting a higher swing weight than the previous generation, the C10 Pro plows-through the ball like a hot knife through butter. On groundies, the precision on full swings is undeniable, and it will give you the confidence to play aggressive tennis.

Advanced players will find enough mass for absorbing and redirecting the pace of big hitters, and there is impressive power available to those who can swing this stick fast. There's also enough touch for hitting droppers or tricky angles. At net, this stick feels very solid when volleying against pace, and the touch is outstanding. Volkl incorporates its Twin Absorber Handle System and Soft Butt Cap to absorb unwanted shock and vibration, while still allowing exceptional ball feedback. All in all, this is an obvious choice for experienced players in search of control, feel and plow-through.

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