V-Cell 8 285

Grip-size: Grip Size #1 (4 1/8)
Sale price$269.99


The V-Cell 8 285 is designed and engineered for the modern hard-hitting player. This great racquet has an open string pattern which gives great spin potential. Moreover, its light weight makes it a formidable partner for any player. Furthermore, The V-Cell 8 285 also features REVA, more V-Cell material, VTEX butt cap, Super Grommets and V-Sensor Handle for great feel.

The V-Cell 8 285g leads today’s generation of player’s racquets. Also, it offers good power, great spin and control give players the confidence to hit big shots. Furthermore, Volkl technology lets players train harder and longer with less fatigue, especially noticeable in many of the lighter genre of player frames.

  • 285g/10.1oz
  • 645cm2/100in2 head
  • 22-24-22mm tapered beam
  • 68.5com / 27in length
  • 32.5 / 0.7in head
  • 16 / 18 string pattern

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