The best beginner player tennis racquets



Tennis, being the third most popular sport in Canada, is one of the most exciting to get into. Many people choose to enter this sport at different life stages. There are many benefits to playing tennis, such as developing a network of new friends, improving your cardio and hand-eye coordination and many others. However, it is a complex sport where the equipment plays a big role. So here are some tips about choosing the proper tennis racquet as a beginner player.

What are your needs as a beginner tennis player?

When you start the journey of becoming a tennis player, you must first define your needs. If you plan to play at least once a week, you should choose a quality racquet that will last at least a few years, unless you decide to smash it…Not recommended. It truly is worth the investment, as your racquet will help you to learn the game faster.


Make sure that the racquet is a one-piece frame and is made of graphite. Most quality racquets also help in preventing injuries because they are made of better materials that absorb shock. You can always review our article: “Preventing tennis elbow” to get a better understanding of one of the games most common injuries.

2 Piece Racquet

1 Piece Racquet

Get a control-orented racquet

Since most beginners struggle with controlling the tennis ball, it is therefore recommended to play with a racquet that will help you to do so. Control-oriented racquets usually have a thinner beam (23 millimeters or less) and a medium (16/19) to dense (18/20) string pattern. The first digit represents the number of vertical strings and the last one the number of cross strings. Here are 2 examples of medium to dense string pattern racquets.

16/19 C10 Pro Tennis Racquet

18/20 V8 Pro Tennis Racquet

Choose the proper racquet weight

You must also choose a racquet that has a weight well suited for you. These general metrics are a good starting point to see where you align as a future super tennis player.

For women under 5'5 (260 to 285 grams)

Volkl V-Cell 5

Light weight at 260 grams

Volkl V-Cell 6

Light weight at 275 grams

For women over 5'5 (275 to 300 grams)

Volkl V1 Classic

Medium weight at 285 grams

Volkl V-Cell 8 300

Medium weight at 300 grams

For men under 5'7 (275 to 300 grams)

Volkl V1 Classic

Light weight at 285 grams

Volkl V-Cell 10 300

Medium weight at 300 grams

For men over 5'7 (285 to 320 grams)

Volkl V-Cell 9

Medium weight at 310 grams

Volkl V-Cell 10 320

Heavy weight at 320 grams

Important points to remember

To summarize, beginner players should know how often they will play to choose to invest in a quality racquet or not. They should also opt for thinner beam frames with medium to dense string patterns to help them control the ball and get their game to the next level. Beginners should also play with a racquet that is in their weight bracket category.


Hopefully, this article provided some useful information that will help you in choosing the proper racquet for your beginner level.

Keep your eyes open for the next article that will cover important elements to consider when playing with a racquet as an intermediate player.